Professor with fifteen years of work at multiple educational levels,
two years in higher education. Enthusiastic energy for the
development and supervision of research on themes related to
social sciences in a transdisciplinary approach and using
quantitative and qualitative methods. Researcher of the
Geography of Innovation, with wide interest in the conditions of
inequalities, dissimetry and imbalances promoted by the
widespread diffusion of the current scientific-technological
paradigm at a global level. Team player with experience in
research projects in partnership with Universities in Europe and
the Global South. Highly motivated to raise public and private
research resources with background in managing institutional
development projects.


PhD in Geography
Thesis Title: Territorial dimension of S,T&I public Policy: Results and
Benefits of CT-Energ on Companies and Research Groups in
Pernambuco State. (written in Portuguese)
Supervisor: Ana Cristina de Almeida Fernandes, PhD
Scholarship of Pernambuco State Science and Technology Support
Foundation (FACEPE)

Master in Development and Environment
Thesis Title: IMPACT of the alternative agricultural technologies on
development of family agriculture based on environmental
rationality in the semi-arid of Brazil
Supervisor: Marlene Maria da Silva, Phd
Scholarship of Higher Education Personnel Improvement
Coordination (CAPES).

Degree in Geography.
Thesis Title: URBAN BRAZIL
Supervisor: Ana Cristina de Almeida Fernandes, PhD

Email: [email protected]