Our Vision

To lead in the area of policy advocacy

Our Mission

To develop evidence based policy analysis and data driven policy proposals for sustainable growth To drive triple helix led stakeholders connectivity for accurate and relevant policy analysis To conduct policy analysis, publish policy guidelines and promote needed policy advice

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Policy analysis and advocacy

Policy analysis and advocacy

Youth mobilization

Youth mobilization

Empowerment of Minorities, Children and Women

Empowerment of Minorities, Children and Women

Integrated development

Integrated development

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CPAD Partners

Institute of Research Promotion

Global Youth Program

Riphah Institute of Public Policy

CPAD Projects

International Innovation Summit

CPAD has launched International Technology Summit in collaboration with IRP to provide a technology exchange platform for global S&T community.

See www.innovationsummit.net

Science Diplomacy and Communication

CPAD  has initiated project to support science communication for masses and common man. This has been seriously realized in  COVID 19 crisis that mostly people do not believe on corona health risks.

We plan to educate public sector, industry, media, diplomats and general population about importance of science discoveries and future impacts of science.

Policy Advocacy

CPAD  has launched policy advocacy to convince political authorities for right decision making and policy initiatives. We have raised number of policy issues and currently advocating for number of unattended policy initiatives.

Development Projects

CPAD initiates number of funded development projects related to industry, community development, awareness campaign and other development drives.

We also partner with existing projects to support for surveys, analysis and report writing.   

Leadership and Youth Development

CPAD is mission oriented organization to contribute in the local and global development. We plan and execute many projects for youth to nurture the young talent. We also launch projects and interventions for leadership development.