As a freelance consultant, project- and interim manager, I focus on the development of new
propositions and organizations, most of the times assigned by existing companies or groups
of collaborating organizations. As a management consultant I frequently contribute to the
development of vision and strategy in the area of business innovation, new media and the
development of new value propositions. In 2018 I graduated as an (executive) Master at the
Breda University, in the field of Media Innovation. For my thesis I researched the added value
of Augmented Reality on 3D data visualizations, applied on B2B brand positioning.
For approximately 20 years I have been involved in innovation projects, often with a strong IT
component. The more than 40 projects I have been involved in can be characterized by
ambitious business targets, whereby in most cases a new organization had to be constructed,
along with appropriate services and innovative ICT resources, and sometimes new value
propositions or business models needed to be created as well. So I supervise the design and
set-up of new organizations and various projects on an interim basis. The assignments tend to
be politically charged, complex and strategically important, and because of this, ‘stakeholder
management’ is a crucial success factor.
Before all this, I started my career as an account manager with a CRM software company,
where I became responsible for Sales and Marketing after two-and-a-half years. After this
interesting start I moved to a position as Business Development Manager within Compaq
Computers, later acquired by HP.


Breda University of Applied Sciences, Academy of Digital Entertainment, Breda (Feb
2017 – May 2018)
Executive master Media en Innovatie. Subjects: Media Theory, Business Models, Media
Technology, Research & Communication. Thesis: research on added value of AR on 3D data
visualizations. Grade: 8
Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam (May 2016 – Jul 2016)
Drawing on powerful academic research, RSM’s Business Model Innovation programme shows
new methods to stay ahead of the competition by creating, assessing and implementing business
model innovation in organisations.
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Den Haag (Sep 1989 – Jun 1994)
Bachelor’s degree, additional course on informationmanagement. Thesis, grade: 9
Johan van Oldenbarnevelt gymnasium, Amersfoort (Aug 1980 – Jun 1986)
Subjects: Dutch, English, Latin, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, History

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