About CPAD
Center for Policy Advocacy & Development

About CPAD

CPAD serves in the area of policy advocacy and development initiatives to drive the sustainable growth. CPAD advocates for gender equity, sustainable growth, evidence based policy and triple helix approach for development. CPAD invites partners and professionals to jointly launch development and study projects.
Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Our vision

To lead in the area of policy advocacy

Our MIssion

To develop evidence based policy analysis and data driven policy proposals for sustainable growth

To drive triple helix led stakeholders connectivity for accurate and relevant policy analysis

To conduct policy analysis, publish policy guidelines  and promote needed policy advice

We have 20 years experience in data analysis, surveys, research and writing. we produce reports, analysis and policy advice 

We have big network in media, industry, society and academia. We raise right issues in the best interest of the community 

We have 150 years of experience of conducting development studies including surveys, field works and experimental studies. 

For any inquiry, please feel free to contact us