CPAD serves in the area of policy advocacy and development initiatives to drive the sustainable growth. CPAD advocates for gender equity, sustainable growth, evidence based policy and triple helix approach for development. CPAD invites partners and professionals to jointly launch development and study projects.
  • To execute policy analysis and advocacy programs
  • To conduct collaborative research and joint development projects
  • To do policy advocacy with Government and authorities
  • To become a platform for triple helix led sustainable development
  • Policy Analysis

    Policy Advocacy

    Policy Assessment

    • To develop evidence based policy analysis and data driven policy proposals for sustainable growth
    • To drive triple helix led stakeholders connectivity for accurate and relevant policy analysis
    • To conduct policy analysis, publish policy guidelines  and promote needed policy advice

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    Campaign Principles

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    Upcoming Events

    Intr. Conference on Peace to Prosperity in Asia will start in

    We Will Make History Together
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    We Will Make History Together

    Promoting Human Rights

    Global Youth Organization works for deprived and marginalized communities by involving youth in the healthy activities.

    We are youth based organization to develop them as socially responsible leaders

    CPAD strives to promote peace and advocates for conflict resolution 

    CPAD is child rights organization. We work to control child labor and child abuse giving them the better future, they deserve  

    We stand for women rights and protection of minorities. We advocate for equity and respect for every living.  

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